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Purple Corn

Antioxidant Protection


LIPIDOFF® contains a high concentration of phytonutrients called anthocyanin (pigments). These pigments give the deep purple color to the fruits and vegetables just like blueberries or any purple colored veggies. But more than just pigments, anthocyanins are antioxidants with a very high capacity for destroying/quenching free radicals.

Because of their anthocyanin content, blueberries and or south American purple corn have registered some of the highest antioxidant values of foods tested to date. Yet a recent comparative study found the anthocyanin content of whole purple corn is over four times that of blueberries. Additionally, purple corn has demonstrated superior anti-radical capacity against the DPPH free radical compared to blueberries. One of the most studied anthocyanins is cyanidin 3-0-D-glucoside (C3G). C3G is the most abundant anthocyanin contained within purple corn. Of 13 anthocyanins tested for antioxidant activity, C3G was the most powerful. It is over 40 times as effective as vitamin E at inhibiting oxidative stress caused by ultraviolet light.

NaturePharmaUSA processed Purple Corn which is standardized to contain 5% anthocyanin, including naturally occurring C3G.


Arterial Health


Oxidation is a process whereby a molecule is attacked by a free radicals and loose an electron. Since electrons occur in pairs, the loss of an electron makes the molecule imbalanced. It is then forced to “steal” an electron from another molecule, initiating a destructive chain reaction. Rust is an example of the oxidation of metal. Oxidation can also happen internally. Cholesterol, for example, is particularly vulnerable to oxidation.

Research and study has shown that C3G specifically included in the formulation of LIPIDOFF® from fruits and vegetables sources decreases the susceptibility of blood lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides) to oxidation, supporting the health of the arteries. It also helps maintain cholesterol levels that are already within a healthy range.*


Weight Management


Excess weight can diminish the body’s ability to respond effectively to insulin, a hormone produced by the ß-cells of the pancreas. Since insulin regulates glucose and fat metabolism, being overweight can actually contribute to further weight gain. Use of LIPIDOFF® over the time period, as study shows, prohibits body sugars to convert into fatty acids by boosting pancreas function to release ß-cells to break sugar alcohols and not permitting it to as fats accumulation. Emerging research suggests that C3G prevents excess weight gain, supporting healthy insulin signaling and pancreatic ß-cell function.

Additionally, C3G has been found to upregulate gene expression levels of adiponectin, a hormone that inhibits weight gain and lowers plasma glucose levels.*


Healthy Response to Inflammation

Inflammation is a healthy immune response to infection or irritation that involves the mobilization of blood and white blood cells to the injured site. If inflammation persists, the body will release chemical messengers called cytokines that call even more immune cells to the area. Unfortunately, these pro-inflammatory cytokines also release free radicals into the system, so sometimes their presence is less than helpful. C3G, in LIPIDOFF® has been demonstrated to keep pro-inflammatory cytokines in check, supporting a healthy response to inflammation.*




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