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Here Is A List Of All The Ingredients Of LIPIDOFF® With Full Description


1. Purple Corn Extract

2. Garlic Extract

3. Almonds Extract

4. Pistachio Extract

5. Pumpkin Seed Extract

6. Walnuts Extract


7. Lemon Extract

8. Ginger Root

9. Cashews Extract

10. Sunflower Seeds Extract

11. Flax Seeds/Oil


This is a list of ingredients and our proprietary herbal blend which contains and consists of extracts and concentration forms. We have tried to draw almost and maximum beneficial constituents of all these ingredients which are all found in abundance of nature. In 1999, first time in herbal history, we introduced this remedy in tablet form and encouraged by astonishing results and since then we have this product improved. This capsule version is more popular than ever because of its smell free appearance and function and with more clinical and educational based studies and proofs to help more to those who are suffering with ailments as well as diseases regarding coronary and heart problems.

We still are working to make this product better and we also hope that this product will become a symbol of cure rather than a remedy without all those side effects of allopathic medicines which leads a patient to another path or second phase of treatment. LIPIDOFF® has a line of action against coronary disease with all the benefits of naturally found ingredients and micronutrients amazingly without any reaction against the body systems and works as a natural booster. Use of LIPIDOFF® over the time period, cures and continuous use keep coronary and heart conditions away and stay healthy.




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