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This supplement is designed to balance cholesterol and cholesterol ester levels and improve the ratio of HDL (good cholesterol) to LDL (bad cholesterol). It also extremely reduces C-reactive protein (a sign of inflammation and a new important factor for assessing cardiovascular disease risk). Lipidoff’s powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activities highly contributed to its overall effectiveness. Lipidoff™ oxidizes directly with LDL causing it to be easily removed from the bloodstream and it also, on this course of action, interrupts the formation of LDL. Lipidoff™ acts as an enzyme within the liver, stimulating it to produce more HDL. This unique formulation also improves the liver¹s metabolism, maintaining its function of making balanced cholesterol and restricts the liver from producing more cholesterol so the liver can absorb more LDL from the bloodstream and excrete it. LIPIDOFF® can be used for the comprehensive correction of the following heart disease risk factors: blood cholesterol, triglycerides, homocysteine and C-reactive protein. Angina heart pains are also corrected by using over the time period, because of a process of dissolution which washes off clogged arteries. LIPIDOFF® is particularly suited to individuals who like and require a natural alternative to prescribed drugs, which can cause discomfort and dangerous side effects. Cholesterol-lowering drugs (such as the ‘Statins’ or ‘Lipitor’) can cause muscle pains, blurred vision, headache, chest pain and heartburns. LIPIDOFF® has no side effects as compare to the prescription drugs.




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