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What Is LipidOff

Using the knowledge and experience of experts in the field of natural and indigenous medicine, microbiology and biochemistry LIPIDOFF has developed a unique formula called LIPIDOFF®, which is a combination of two words LIPID (fat) and OFF (out). This product has a significant impact on fat/lipid attached to the walls of blood vessels causing clogs to flow in a normal routine chore. LIPIDOFF® dissolves and washes off up fat/lipid in blood vessels thus allowing blood stream in a normal manner and prevents additional back-pressure and burden on heart.

This combination of nine active herbal ingredients and an authentic proprietary herbal blend to help and promote a balanced healthy cholesterol and triglycerides levels in human body. LIPIDOFF® is a revolutionary dietary supplement like no other product in the market of herbal product which is specifically formulated to help support normal cholesterol production and metabolism including lipoprotein fractions and triglyceride concentrations. Manufactured by using all natural, all vegetarian, all chemical free ingredients with Advanced Extraction Technology, this product offers optimal benefits whereby only the beneficial constituent of the herbs are isolated by weight and structure, which quickly releases the active ingredients into the bloodstream for superior, rapid and time release result.

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